Affordable Can-AM accessories for
2010-2018 RT, RS, F3 and ST

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InspectorGadget:  That nickname was given to me by my previous administrative assistant because where I worked my position was the Building Inspector, and I have always liked and have a lot of gadgets, hence InspectorGadget.                        

As a commercial builder I have built commercial and residential housing for over 30 years. I retired in January 2012, and we are continuing to build our new home in north Florida and we now live closer to our children and grandchildren.
I am continuing my hobbies and doing some serious SpYder riding.

As a hobbyist I like to build furniture, build and fly RC airplanes with video equipment onboard, and make accessories that make our Spyder RT more user friendly.

I have provided some photos of some of the items that I have created for the Spyder RT to make riding more comfortable and fun.

I started designing and producing these mods in 2010 to provide sensible, useful, good looking and inexpensive mods after seeing some of the prices that the other vendors were charging for some of the mostly imported items.

I do this now for friendship and fun, so if you like what you see and would like me to make something for you. See the Product Page & contact me at: