Affordable Can-AM accessories for
2010-2018 RT, RS, F3 and ST

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The following quotes were taken from Emails that I have received from satisfied mod users.  I enjoy receiving feedback, suggestions, or comments.

Many thanks for making high quality Spyder Accessories

I have purchased and installed several Spyder Accessories from Inspector Gadget on my 2014 RT Limited: Rear Mud Flap, Rear Deck Brake LED  Light Strip, Front and Rear LED Marker Lights, Splashguard Footrest and LED Turn Signal Chevrons.  All products have been high quality and easy to install with the step by step instructions provided with each purchase including pictures.  I look forward to future purchases.

Frank Hughes  aka SilverBullet RT 2014
Heel/Toe Shifter..
RC from GA writes: RL - got the bike back yesterday, and have put 300 miles on it already this weekend with the great weather, got used to the heel toe shifter pretty much right away- works like a charm, perfectly, I really like shifting the RT that way; the dealership was very complimentary too of the shifter,

JR writes: Hi Randal,
 I sent you another letter / cheque for a second heel / toe shifter for a Spyder RT. It's for my mother. She doesn't have a spyder yet, but one is coming. Thank you for providing this service.

My friend just installed the heel shifter and it works like a dream . You don’t know what a help that will be. I miss my old one on a cruiser I used to have and with the disability it has been difficult to swing my ankle around for shifting. Now the problem is solved. Thanks so much for your ingenuity !!  Tom

THE BIG SURPRISE FOR ME was how much I love the rocker shifter. It felt like part of me from the first moment. it shifts perfectly and smoothly.. HM

The shifter works like a dream. RW

I also installed a heel-and- toe shifter from RL. Really easy to install. Wow, what a difference. BB

I love the F3 floorboards and the F3 heel shifter is amazing! 
They were easy to install and the directions were spot on. GW

It took me a little while to fully appreciate the floorboards because I kept holding my foot partially aloft like I still had pegs, thereby taking away the benefit but about half way home I finally got the hang of it and began to fully relax and appreciate it. HM

I installed the shifter and floorboards a couple of weeks ago, they work fantastic, had to go to a 2 hour ride, and it was very comfortable. RW

I bought some floorboards and they really afforded me a more comfortable ride to Tennessee.  Time to install about 10-15 minutes. BB
Floorboard Tread Replacement..
I finally got a chance to replace the old floorboard treads with your new treads.  they look great.  Not difficult at all.  The hardest part was getting the old glue residue off.  Thanks.  Sal
Rear Compartment Shelf..
Tom writes: The shelf arrived today, and the fit is perfect and everything looks great! I do appreciate your design, your time and work on this. I am very happy with the shelf!

DC writes: Randal,
The shelf arrived today. From the looks of the box I was worried about the condition of the shelf, but it was just fine. Fit is very good and it was very easy to slip it in, set the velcro strips and that was it! It will be very helpful in using that cavern back there.
Fenderguard run/turn LEDs..
Wayne writes: Hi Randal,
 I installed the Fender lites and mirror on the Spyder today. You did a great job building them and the instructions were easy and straight forward to follow.  Thanks for your efforts in helping us fellow Spyder riders improve our rides.

ED writes:
Finally got to install the LED FenderGuard Run/Turn signals. I was a little weiry on drilling the holes on the fenders, but once I got around to it, it went pretty smoothly! The wife saw them in action and wants the same ones on her (future) spyder.
Air Deflectors..
I made the little winglets for getting more air into the radiator and they work great. They got a good high speed test this morning which was not intentional. RW
Rear Compartment Mirror..
The mirror I got from you is much more like a real mirror. You flip it down and you can see your whole face. Make up and helmet strap duty for my girl. JS
Rear Deck Rack..
 I received the rack this afternoon and just finished installing it. Perfect fit and it looks great. MC