Affordable Can-AM accessories for
2010-2018 RT, RS, F3 and ST

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Enjoy the FUN of the
Can-Am Spyder RT

We purchased our new touring motorcycle in April 2010, which was a step up from our 1998 Honda Shadow A.C.E. Tourer. The Shadow was a good bike, but we were looking for something to take us comfortably on the long trips we were planning.
I had been waiting for Can-Am to release this new touring model and they finally introduced it for 2010.
So we are the proud owners of the Spyder RT-S SM5 Premier Edition #0036 in Timeless Black. He is a beaut!! and we call him SPROCKET.
I have created a few modifications to make riding easier, safer, and more comfortable. See the Products page.
We now have over 55,000 miles on the machine and have made 2 cross country trips of over 11,400 and 8,500 miles, and several trips over 2,000 miles.
After 4 years we are still happy with the machines performance (even with the trailer in tow), and the comfort that we enjoy every time we ryde.  Have Fun and Ryde Safe
UPDATE 1/26/2015---Ok I finally caved in and decided to purchase the new 2014 model RT.  I got a very good deal on another Timeless Black model, so we are now sporting around with the larger engine and all the improvements that go along with this new model.
I have started the customization process which will include some Chrome, marker and turn LEDs, air horn and of course all of the mods on my Products Page.
We look forward to putting many enjoyable miles on this machine which we call ACE.