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Updated 7/26/2019 This summer finds us on the road again, but this time we are on a flying vacation - traveling to TN, IN, WI and OH for some PPC flying fun.  I will not be shipping any orders after July 31, but normal operations will return by August 1.

With the extreme heat here in Florida we have curbed our riding to mornings and cooler days.

I hope that you all are doing well and remember to Ryde Safe and Have Fun :-)

Updated 12/31/2018 finds us bringing in the new year and looking back at our adventures this past year.  It was the year of the PPC as we were on the road camping and flying for 6 weeks at several locations across the mid section of our great nation.

Limited Spyder riding, but we did manage to put quite a few miles on it. We are planning our travel adventure for 2019 :-)

Updated 11218/2017 --- I have been occupied by my many projects here at the house which include yard work, Spyder ryding, PPC flying, and the Honey Do list.  We are looking forward to Christmas now that we have overstuffed ourselves at Thanksgiving.  I hope that you all have a Safe and Enjoyable HOLIDAY SEASON!

Updated 7/18/2016 --- Not much going on with all of this heat.  Our Spyder Ryde today was hot and before we got home at 2pm I had observed 105 deg. on the dash.  Check out the Products Page for the competed Belt Guard.

updated 6/28/2016 --- We have returned after having a Fabulous time covering 8280 miles with only 2 minor issues.

On Day 8 I started receiving a DESS error-key error in the morning, but we worked through it.  Later that day I was unable to work through this error no matter how hard I tried.  I called BRP and they were no help referring me to BRP road service.

BRP road service would only tow me so far, but not the 500 miles to the nearest BRP dealer.

After reading the SPYDER forums I found a suggestion to disconnect the battery and touch the cables to each other to discharge any stored electrical charge.  IT WORKED the Spyder started up after re-connecting the battery leads, and I have not had this error since.  We continued to have a GREAT trip until??? 

On Day 16 of our trip we encountered a strip of fresh asphalt that some contractor must have spilled out of the back of his truck.  It was about 4" deep and in our lane of a 2 lane road with no shoulder.  This hot sticky substance had sharp pea size stones in the mix.  Our tires immediately picked up this material and the stones began flying all over us, the tops of the saddlebags, our trailer, and our drive belt.

I could hear these stones running through the belt and sprockets, but there was nothing for us to do but continue, as the asphalt debris was thinning the farther up the road we drove.

There was no where to pull off for miles and there was a lot of traffic behind us.

When we reached Estes Park we stopped for fuel and to check the belt and acess any damage.

There was a chunk torn from the inside about 1/2 way across and 2" long where the stone hole was and it must have been a week spot.  I used my utility knife to trim the flapping piece of belt to help prevent additional fouling.  I cleaned the wheels, belt, and back sprocket the best I could with a wheel scrub brush I keep in the trailer.

I grabbed my iPad and used the Spyder Codes app to locate the nearest BRP dealer which was in Durango.

I called to see if they had a replacement drive belt and It just so happened that they did have a belt, but now we had to get there as Durango was 2 days and over 600 miles away.

We made it to Durango and I installed the new belt after cleaning all of the debris from the sprockets with a screwdriver and a toothbrush dipped in gas.  A big thank you to the belt designers for over engineering this item which helped us get to our destination, however BRP should have designed an Inside Belt Guard.

With all that being said I have designed an aluminum Inside Belt Guard that should prevent this from happening again.

check out the U-DO-IT Page for photos, patterns, and instructions so you can fabricate your own or check out the Products Page for a pre-made Inside Belt Guard.

updated 5/23/2016 --- I received word that permission has been given to start a US Spyder Ryders Chapter in the Ocala area.  I will be President with Miss Mary being VP, and Rose Clapp of Ocala taking care of secretarial duties.  I will try to get everything lined up after we return and may have a roll out get together the weekend of July 4th if I can get it pulled together while we are on there road next month.  Our Chapter will be called FLOcala Chapter of the US Spyder Ryders   and we have a Facebook page   

We will be posting photos and vids of our trip so I hope that you follow along.

updated 5/3/2016 --- I will not be shipping any products after May 23rd, until the first week in July as we will be traveling cross country on our Spyder.  I will still be available to respond to any questions and we will be looking forward to seeing any Spyder Ryders on our route where we can stop and visit for coffee, lunch, or dinner :-)  Just contact us.

             ---Updated 5/3/2016---

I received my Headlight LEDs today.  After installing the first set of these LEDs in my RT Fog lights I decided to purchase another set for the Headlights.  The quality looks good and the installation is plug-N-play.  The HIDs that I installed several years ago served me well, but I felt it was time to upgrade to keep up with the new technology.  The cost was $65.00 per set which is double the cost of the Ebay HIDs, but still cheaper than the cost that some of the other vendors are charging.

I will report when we return and advise how I liked them while night ryding.  

Updated 4/25/2016 --- Due to the increase price of aluminum my aluminum supplier has once again increased my cost.  I have absorbed these costs for the past few years, but now I am forced to increase the cost of the RT Floorboards to $150.00. 

Updated 4/21/2016 --- I made a small aluminum bracket and attached it to my GPS Mount, which is attached via a Ram Mount.  Then I sacrificed the head piece from a cheap selfie stick.  I will advise if it holds up after we return from our 6000+ mile cross country trip in June.

Updated 4/19/2016 --- I finally had to change out the windshield bracket on my 2010 RT with a finely machined one I received from Ron Piggott last year. I have heard of others having trouble with a broken bracket so I tried to be prepared. Installation was easy enough and took about an hour.

Updated 1/13/2016 --- I have begun to make plans for our annual Spyder trek out of Florida and once again this year we are heading West.  The goal is to reach Seattle, WA to check on our Aunt Mona traveling through some new and interesting areas on some local roads which lets us really get a feel for our surroundings and this area of our wonderful and beautiful country.
We will be passing through AL, MS, AR, OK, TX, AZ, NM, UT, WY, MT, ID, WA, CO, and LA traveling over 7,000 miles before arriving back in North Florida for a family July 4th celebration.
We always love to meet more of our Spyder Family and if YOU would like to meet us for lunch, dinner , or just coffee please contact me so I can adjust our route to intersect with a meetup location at

Update 8/28/2015 --- One of my new Spyder Friends in NC made this video.  After several requests for Floorboards for the Can-Am ST Model I created these with his insistance on helping me.  Here is the link to that Video.

UPDATE 8/20/2015 -- Due to customer demand I am now producing Floorboards for the Can-Am ST SE model.  As soon as I can see a way to fabricate a Heel/Toe Shifter for the ST SM model I will introduce it hear and on the ST Products Page.

UPDATE  7/11/2015 -- Thanks to Bob White for making a YouTube video showing my RT Floorboards and RT Heel/Toe Shifter installation.  Video instructions Here.

UPDATE 6/26/2015 -- We have returned from our 7,500+ mile annual trip that took us to Pheonix, AZ where we visited new Spyder friends, up into the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Durango, CO Rocky Mountain National Park, Waterloo, IA and the John Deere tractor assembly plant, Wausau, WI to visit relatives, across the Mackinaw Bridge and into St. Clair, MI where Mary and I met and married, stopping in PA to visit new Spyder friends and visit the Flight 93 Memorial and ryde across the Appalachian Mountains and down through the Shanendoah Valley, spending the night in Savannah, GA before returning home 25 days later.  Fantastic and awesome.

UPDATE 5/3/2015 -- I was able to get an F3 so I completed the F3 Shifter Prototype and now have a completed and working model for anyone who might need one.  Cost is $80.00 + Shipping  $10.00 = $90.00

UPDATE 5/3/2015 -- I will NOT be shipping any orders between May 21 and Jun 21, 2015.  SORRY for any inconvenience. 

UPDATE 4/26/2015---F3 Floorboards are now available on the Products Page.  The design is locked in, and I was finally able to get close enough to an F3 to do the final fit up.

Price is  $160.00 + $15.00 Shipping.

I am also working on a Heel/Toe Shifter for the F3, but there again I need to get my hands on one.

UPDATE 1/26/2015---Ok I finally caved and decided to purchase the new 2014 model RT.  I got a very good deal on another Timeless Black model, so we are now sporting around with the larger engine and all the improvements that go along with this new model.
I have started the customization process which will include some Chrome, marker and turn LEDs, air horn and of course all of the mods on my Products Page.
We look forward to putting many enjoyable miles on this machine which we call ACE.